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These 7 Design Icons Nearly Turned Out Completely Differently

The overall shape and design details that make up cars like the original Mazda MX-5 Miata, Porsche 911 and Dodge Viper are so ingrained in our brains, and such integral parts of those cars’ characters, that it’s hard to imagine them looking any other way. But they nearly did. Almost every car reaches the road […]

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Death-Wish Dodge Viper Secures Pole Position While Racing No-Hood Acura Integra

How’s your willpower? Can you hit the bar on a Friday night with buddies and only drink soda because you’re meant to be shaping up for summer? And presented with a stoplight and a hood-less Acura Integra in the next lane, could you resist showing him that he’s no match for your classic Dodge Viper […]

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