Ford Mustang Smashes Into BMW X1 Causing It To Flip Over

Your latest reminder that cars, even those traveling at reasonable speeds, carry a lot of potential for disaster is here. A video of a Ford Mustang running into a BMW SUV (it looks like an X1) shows the consequences of a crash on a normal street.

The video, which bears a Duluth Police Department watermark, shows a Mustang turning left into a BMW that is going through an intersection. The initial collision sends the SUV’s back swinging out and the car flips almost all the way over before rolling back in the other direction and onto its wheels.

Although both cars appear to hold up pretty well in the accident, the violence of the accident is undeniable and is an excellent reminder of just how important it is to keep your wits about you whenever you’re driving.

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Although the video is cropped such that the traffic light at the intersection is not visible, the no walking signal on the left hand of the shot and the behavior of the other cars would suggest that the BMW was going through the intersection unexpectedly (some commentators suggested it may have either ran a red or orange light, but we can’t tell from the video). The other slowing cars and the left turner across from the Mustang suggest that the Mustang’s driver was either clearing the intersection after it went yellow or had an advanced green.

Whatever the case, the Ford’s driver doesn’t seem to be paying attention to opposing traffic because they don’t really react to the BMW until after the collision. The BMW’s driver, on the other hand, does take evasive action, but cannot react in time.

Although there’s little more information about the collision, the Redditor who posted this video indicates that there were no injuries, which is both a blessing and a testament to the hard work of engineers and the safety regulators that keep car companies honest.

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