Subaru Driver Travis Pastrana Breaks Pelvis Following Base Jumping Stunt Gone Wrong

Rally driver and stunt performer Travis Pastrana was hospitalized this weekend following a base jumping stunt gone wrong in Florida.

The stunt saw Pastrana jump from a Hyatt Hotel and although his parachute did unfurl, an Instagram video shows him hitting the ground with force. Fort Lauderdale Fire Chief Stephen Gollan said, per TMZ, that the injury happened on Saturday morning during a video shoot.

“A stunt during that event did not go as planned resulting in a hard landing of a parachutist that jumped from the Hyatt Hotel,” said Gollan. “The adult male was immediately treated and transported in serious but stable condition to Broward Health.”

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Fortunately, Pastrana’s publicist told WSVN that the driver is recovering. Pastrana’s surgery went well and he will be going home to heal up after having broken his pelvis.

The stunt was reportedly part of a larger shoot being filmed for YouTube that, according to a film permit issued by Broward County’s film commissioner and discovered by WSVN, included precision driving in and around downtown and the beaches. Although it is unclear what Pastrana would have been driving, he and Hoonigan recently revealed a new Gymkhana car based on a 1983 Subaru GL Wagon. The car makes around 900 hp (671 kW/913 PS) though more details are still awaited.

It’s unclear how long it will take the driver to recover from his injuries, though it isn’t the first time he’s injured his pelvis. According to a video from 2015, he had already fractured the bone multiple times, so this is nothing new to him. How many more major injuries the 38-year-old wants to recover from, though, is hard to say.

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