Top Secret Gives Nissan GT-R T-Spec A Relatively Restrained Makeover (And A Huge Wing)

A Nissan GT-R modified by one of Japan’s most prestigious tuning shops, Top Secret, is currently up for sale.

Top Secret has created some remarkable cars over the decades, none more iconic than its V12-powered Toyota Supra that could exceed 220 mph (354 km/h). This GT-R hasn’t undergone quite as many modifications but it still features a number of aftermarket parts that will help it stand out from a regular R35.

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The car left the factory as a T-Spec model and is painted in the Skyline R34 GT-R’s iconic shade of Millennium Jade. It has since been fitted with a relatively subtle yet aggressive bodykit from Top Secret that includes a carbon fiber front grille, extended carbon front splitter, a unique hood with prominent air vents, and carbon fiber louvers on the front wheel arches.

Top Secret’s modifications continue with carbon fiber side skirts and a set of black aftermarket wheels. The rear end is particularly striking thanks to the towering carbon fiber wing and the complex carbon fiber diffuser and bumper package. The car has also been equipped with titanium tailpipes.

This GT-R has been listed up for sale from Bingo Sports and the engine has been tuned while the suspension has also been modified. It remains unclear how much power the car is pumping out but the listing confirms it has been driven 23,550 km (14,633 miles) and has an asking price of 14,120,000 yen ($124,000).

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