How to add or remove a Google Chrome extension

How to add or remove a Google Chrome extension

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Over the years, Google Chrome has branched out to become one of the most popular browsers in the world. However, it’s much better if you take advantage of its numerous, helpful extensions. Here’s how to add or remove a Google Chrome extension.

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From the Chrome web browser, click the puzzle piece icon in the top right corner to display a list of your extensions. Then, to remove an extension, click the three-dot icon beside it. To download more extensions, go to the Chrome Web Store.


How to add a Google Chrome extension

You can browse Google’s vast catalog of extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Search for specific extensions or select a category to browse from the left-hand side. If this is your first time adding an extension, we recommend exploring the Extension starter kit.

google chrome web store

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Click on an extension you’re interested in to learn more about it, including its privacy practices and user reviews. Then, click Add to Chrome to download the extension to the browser.

add to chrome

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Once downloaded, you will receive a notification that it’s been added to the browser. Then you can use the extension by clicking its icon in the upper right corner, next to the extension puzzle piece icon—more on this in the next section.

How to enable or disable a Google Chrome extension

You can manage your extensions by clicking Extensions in the Tools menu. Extensions are always represented by the puzzle piece icon beside your Google Accounts profile picture in the top right corner.

From the pop-out menu, click Manage extensions. This will open a new tab.

manage extensions in google chrome

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Then, you can enable or disable extensions by clicking its toggle bar.

How to remove a Google Chrome extension

Follow the instructions in the previous section to navigate to the Manage extensions page. From there, you can remove specific extensions by clicking the Remove button.

To access specific extensions faster, you can pin them to your taskbar. Click the Puzzle piece icon to open your list of extensions and then click the pin icon beside the ones you want, or click it again to remove them from the taskbar.

pin extensions

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Extensions are considered trusted when built by a developer who follows the Chrome Web Store Developer Program Policies. However, some extensions may request different permissions, and Google will provide an alert according to their potential risk level.

To be safe, you can always perform a Safety Check from your Chrome browser’s settings.

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Do Chrome extensions work on mobile?

Unfortunately, Chrome extensions are only for the Chrome desktop web browser. However, specific extensions may have their mobile app available for download.

Are Chrome extensions free?

Many are free. However, some extensions may have an optional premium subscription that costs extra.

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