Gran Turismo 7 Signals A Return To Form On The 25th Ann. Of The Franchise

When the first Gran Turismo made its way to our consoles it was clear how much the developers loved cars. Every subsequent sequel has built on the one before it but not all have been as well-received. Now, just a month from the public release of Gran Turismo 7, it looks like they might have just made exactly the game we’ve all been hoping for.

Gran Turismo has always been known for innovative graphics and physics but in many ways, it’s remained a niche title that only car enthusiasts would pick up. With the launch of GT7, Polyphony Digital hopes to draw in even casual fans before it gets them hooked on speed.

To accomplish this, Gran Turismo 7 will still use the super-approachable style past titles have. Players will buy a car before upgrading it early on in the game as they get a sense of how those upgrades affect the car. License tests are back too and should help players get a better understanding of the base physics behind car control. Other features, like the Cafe, take things to the next level.

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In the Cafe, players will get the chance to hear about how iconic cars were designed by the designers themselves. In addition, they’ll be provided with a Car Menu that cites cars that they need to collect to complete specific challenges. As they finish these challenges, they’ll be presented with videos and photos highlighting the cars in question and the impact they’ve had.

Imagine you had never played a racing game before and knew very little about cars. This natural way of teaching new enthusiasts about the cars they’re buying and driving in-game could be more engaging than previous titles. Gran Turismo 7 won’t leave old-school die-hard players out in the cold though.

The main menu will feel warm and familiar as it clearly pays homage to Gran Turismo 2 and Gran Turismo 4. The starting grid sounds are iconic as well. Drag racing, drifting, and the most advanced weather simulation we’ve ever seen are all here too. Where past games might have felt a little too rigid at times, GT7 looks to completely reset the bar for what a Gran Turismo game can be. We can’t wait to get behind the wheel ourselves.

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