Mobility Scooter Frogger Is As Stupid And Dangerous As It Sounds

Mobility Scooter Frogger Is As Stupid And Dangerous As It Sounds

Canadians have been credited with inventing everything from pagers to Hawaiian pizza, but we’ll let them keep ‘Mobility Scooter Frogger’ all to themselves.

In a clip noticed by Redditors, two people can be seen waiting at an intersection for their turn to cross the street. After a Chevrolet Cruze pulls up and stops, the person on the mobility scooter decides to cross even though the pedestrian traffic light is still red.

There was a good reason for this red light as traffic soon begins moving in the opposite direction. However, this doesn’t stop the person on the mobility scooter as they want to play Frogger in real life.

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This quickly leads to a scary scene as a number of vehicles go through the intersection, before a Hyundai Santa Fe stops to avoid hitting them. A Ford Mustang next to the Hyundai apparently couldn’t see what was happening and its driver was forced to slam on their brakes.

However, they weren’t deterred as they simply drove around the front of the Mustang and continued on their way. Thankfully, the person eventually manages to get across the street without getting themselves killed.

While that’s good news, the situation could have easily turned out much worse as the person could have been hit or caused an accident by forcing drivers to unexpectedly slam on the brakes.

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