Samsung could surpass even Google with updates for Galaxy S22 series

Samsung could surpass even Google with updates for Galaxy S22 series

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Robert Triggs / Android Authority


  • A new rumor suggests Samsung Galaxy S22 updates could go for even longer than Google offers.
  • Allegedly, the Galaxy S22 series could get four Android upgrades, beating Google’s three.
  • They could also see five years of security patches.

For years now, one of the best reasons to get a Google Pixel device is because of Google’s strong update schedule. As of today, new Pixel phones are guaranteed five years of security updates with three Android versions.

If true, the Galaxy S22 series would launch with Android 12 and then receive Android 13, Android 14, Android 15, and even Android 16. With Android 16, the phones would allegedly see one more year of security patches before finally getting retired.

Samsung Galaxy S22 updates: A huge shift for Android

Without any doubt, this would be a seismic shift for the Android phone industry. With Samsung — by far the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer — supporting phones this long, other Android OEMs would have no choice but to respond. Over time, it would inevitably lead to Android phones meeting (or even surpassing) the update schedule Apple offers for iPhones.

iPhones see five years of updates, which includes new iOS versions each year. For Samsung Galaxy S22 updates to match iPhone updates, Samsung would need to offer five Android upgrades along with the five years of patches. If Samsung gets nearly there with the Galaxy S22 series maybe having four upgrades, it’s a bygone conclusion it would get to five upgrades eventually.

Of course, how will Google respond to this? Will it extend its update schedule, even though it says it doesn’t need to? Surely, the company that owns Android (and has a much smaller phone roster) should be able to meet Samsung’s commitments.

The Galaxy S22 series launches on February 9, so we only have a few days left before finding out if this rumor is valid or not.

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