Apple Acquires Startup That Creates Music Using AI

Apple Acquires Startup That Creates Music Using AI

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Apple has acquired a startup called AI Music that uses artificial intelligence to create tailor-made music. The company will reportedly use the acquired technology across its different products and services. The London-based startup was founded in 2016, with Apple completing its acquisition in recent weeks.

The now inaccessible website of the startup claimed that it could create a soundtrack using royalty-free music and AI. The startup wants to “give consumers the power to choose the music they want, seamlessly edited to fit their needs or create dynamic solutions that adapt to fit their audiences.”

The idea is to generate dynamic soundtracks that change based on user interaction. A song in a video game could change to fit the mood, for instance, or music during a workout could adapt to the user’s intensity.

The startup had deals in place with various advertisers and employed about two dozen employees before the acquisition. In typical Apple fashion, the company did not confirm the acquisition. The company could use the acquired technology in the Photos app for generating soundtracks for new memories and events.

Apple tends to acquire new startups from time to time. However, as Bloomberg notes, the company slowed down its spending in 2021 to just $33 million, down from over 1.5$ billion in 2020.

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