This Guy Wants To Turn The Tesla Cybertruck Into A Catamaran

This Guy Wants To Turn The Tesla Cybertruck Into A Catamaran

Not only is someone planning to morph the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck into a camper (for an insane $50,000…) but a serial entrepreneur by the name of Anthony Diamond is planning something even more ambitious. He wants to turn the Cybertruck into a catamaran.

Diamond has a PhD in material science and is both a Tesla Model 3 owner and a Cybertruck reservation holder. His idea is to transform the Cybertruck into a catamaran with removable components that bolt to the underside of the electric pickup truck.

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Renderings show a pair of folding inflatable pontoons and hydrofoils. The catamaran will also apparently have electric outboard motors to power it. It is unclear how long transforming your Cybertruck into a catamaran could take but it’s presumably something you could do at a dock or on a boat ramp.

“The adaptive ride height of the Cybertruck and the folding inflatable pontoons of the Cybercat provide 12” of ground clearance,” the website for the project states. “Once in the water, the electric outboard motors, pontoons, and hydrofoils fold down, and the wheels retract out of the water for quick takeoff. In shallow water or around docks, Cybercat can precisely maneuver propelled by the wheel rotation of the Cybertruck.”

Diamond hopes that the catamaran could have a top speed of over 25 mph (40 km/h) and a range between 50 miles (80 km) and 115 miles (185 km), depending on the cruising speed. Prices haven’t been confirmed but could start between $22,900 and $32,900 depending on how many outboard motors shoppers want.

Taking to the comments section of an Electrek article about the project, Diamond said his company’s plan is to license the concept to Tesla directly. He added that in theory, it could work with any EV.

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