Bugatti Chiron Driver Who Hit 259 MPH On The Autobahn Is Now Being Investigated

Bugatti Chiron Driver Who Hit 259 MPH On The Autobahn Is Now Being Investigated

The interesting story of the 259 mph (417 km/h) Autobahn cruiser now gets even more intricate. Following the news that his blistering top speed run was condemned by the German government and could land him in prison for two years, Czech millionaire Radim Passer is now being investigated.

This all started when Passer uploaded a video to his YouTube channel back in November of him reaching 257 mph (414 km/h) in his Bugatti Chiron on the Autobahn. Two months later, he released the raw, unedited GoPro footage with GPS-verified speed showing he went 2 mph (3 km/h) faster and just 2 mph (3 km/h) shy of the car’s manufacturer-claimed top speed. And while the first video was popular with just under 2 million views, the second one absolutely blew up with nearly 5 times that amount, causing it to land much further into the public eye.

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This caused a series of events to happen, the first of which involved the German Transport Ministry condemning the top speed run. Building off of that, the next report was that Passer could face two years in prison. Shortly after, even Bugatti tried to distance themselves from the situation, as it now potentially involved legal repercussions.

Now, after revisiting the news of Passer’s potential prison sentence, the Saxony-Anhalt prosecutor’s office in Stendal has launched an official investigation into the stunt. Should he be prosecuted, he would likely face either two years in prison, as mentioned before, or a fine.

According to the criminal code, a driver can be penalized if he or she “moves at an inappropriate speed and in a manner that grossly violates the traffic code and is reckless.” Additionally, a clause in the Autobahn highway code states that “anyone participating in traffic must behave in such a way that no other person is harmed, endangered or obstructed or inconvenienced more than is unavoidable under the circumstances.”

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Countering that, in the description of Passer’s videos, he wrote: “There was visibility along the whole stretch. Safety was a priority, so the circumstances had to be safe to go.” More details attesting to the stunt’s safety were in the same pinned comment made by him under each video.

“4:50am on Sunday. 10 cars per 10km so 1 car per 1 km. Good visibility is about 3-4km straight ahead so there is enough time to react. The Chiron can brake from 400 to 0 in 9 sec. within 490m. All cars are in the far right lane. There was an earlier drive through the section to make sure there is nothing on the road. There is a fence along the whole stretch of the highway, so no animals can interfere. 3 people were spotting on 3 bridges for maximum safety. ”

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