You’ve Heard Of Bed In A Box, Now VW Has Introduced A Whole Mobile Home In A Box

You’ve Heard Of Bed In A Box, Now VW Has Introduced A Whole Mobile Home In A Box

Volkswagen’s commercial arm has unveiled a new line of mobile homes in a box for its Transport line of camper vans in the UK. The box is intended to give owners everything they need to go camping in an easily installable unit.

The line was designed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced many to cancel trips abroad. That doesn’t however, mean that all vacations need to be canceled, especially those taking place mostly outdoors. With these additions, Volkswagen’s vans can be turned into the perfect camping vehicles, even for owners who didn’t buy the full motorhome version.

The new line starts with the standalone folding mattress accessory, which is available for £495 ($670 USD at current exchange rates). Those looking for a little more can get the KombiBox, which can be installed in a VW Caddy in minutes and offers a bed, a kitchen area, a water supply, and cargo space for £2,760 ($3,735 USD).

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Finally, there’s the range-topping BusBox, which is compatible with the VW Caravelle T5, T6, and T6.1 generations of the van. It features a bed, a mattress, a kitchen area (with space for a two-burner stove), an extendable storage area, and a water supply. It rings in at £3,340 ($4,520).

“Our new camping accessory range makes travel more convenient for customers by combining all travel essentials, from utilities to water supply, in a smartly designed, comfortable, and compact space,” said James Allitt, head of aftersales at VW Commercial Vehicles. “Developing accessories that make our customers’ lives easier is a high priority at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, which is why our one-stop-shop mobile home in a box is a great solution for those planning a camping holiday.”

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