Revitalize your skin with 15% off SkinMedica – CNET

Revitalize your skin with 15% off SkinMedica – CNET

Photos by Dermstore/Composite by Robin Mosley/CNET

Love SkinMedica or want to try this Dermstore-approved skin care brand? If so, Dermstore is offering a deal for 15% off SkinMedica or 20% off when you subscribe. Plus, if you spend $175 or more on the brand, you’ll get a free gift. 

The first thing to point out is that SkinMedica is a higher-end skin care brand and the prices reflect that, so you can easily spend $175 for the free gift. SkinMedica has won awards for what it can do for skin — from adding needed hydration to helping you age gracefully. 

The SkinMedica Minis Collection is the more affordable kit on sale, and it includes facial cleanser, day and night cream and sunscreen — basically everything you need for a proper skin care routine. If you’re on a budget, individual items, such as the sunscreen/moisturizer combo, night cream and serum, should do the trick.

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