Here’s A Bugatti Chiron’s Window Sticker With A Ferrari’s Worth In Options, Including A $220k Paint Job

Here’s A Bugatti Chiron’s Window Sticker With A Ferrari’s Worth In Options, Including A $220k Paint Job

It seems that Bugatti can basically print money with every new model or slight variation that they release. Each car is worth millions of dollars and they have the kind of speed and luxury that one would expect to come along with such a price tag. Still, we were blown away when we got a look at this actual window sticker for a Chiron (not the one shown in these pictures) that includes options that boost the price to a grand total of $4,301,450.

Keep in mind that the base price of this Chiron was $3,825,000, which is also enough to buy your own private island and hire staff to care for it. And that got us thinking about all of the things that manage to not be included in that price. So let’s take a stroll through this window sticker that was shared on GTBoard’s Facebook page and see what’s what.

The most expensive option by a Ferrari Roma-sized margin is the Blue Royal Carbon exterior color. It costs $222,500 all by itself – by comparison, the Roma starts at $222,620. The paint isn’t the only special option though. The Sky View option is quite pricey at a whopping $62,000 so let us break down exactly what that is.

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Photo GTboard / Facebook

It’s two panels, one above each passenger, that let them see out of the car above them. They sound very special if you listen to Bugatti. According to them “the “Sky View” option… consists of two fixed glass panels in the roof of the vehicle… above the driver’s and passenger’s seats. These panels have a newly developed laminated structure with thin glass and four intermediate layers… Sky View also offers 2.7 additional centimeters (1.06-inches) of headroom.”

Bugatti Chiron stock photos

Look, as a tall guy, I’m totally sold on this singular option that doesn’t have a shade or fancy glass that can tint on command and also happens to cost more than the most expensive stock Ford Bronco on sale right now. I’m just thinking that it might be harder to convince shorter people who don’t need that extra 1.06 inches.

The least expensive option on this car is the special wheel caps which are listed as EB Logo Wheel Caps – Nocturne for $1,250. In case you were wondering, they are more special than the wheel caps on your car because they say EB on them and that EB is painted black. That makes them worth more than the average black market Bengal tiger cub. Then again, it’s a Bugatti and even the wheel caps are special – and priced accordingly…

Image Credit: GTboard / Facebook

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