Okay Petrolheads, Name One EV You’d Buy In A Heartbeat Right Now

Okay Petrolheads, Name One EV You’d Buy In A Heartbeat Right Now

We all know that the transition to electrified automobiles is taking place. For some of us, that metamorphosis is happening way too quickly, though. Fears of self-driving cars taking over our roads and outlawing individual drivers might be wildly overblown but there’s still strong resistance to making the switch for a ton of die-hard petrolheads. With that in mind we’ve formulated today’s question to all of you; tell us the singular EV that you’re ready to make the switch for.

We’re finally at that place where all of the major segments in the market have at least one or two fully-electric vehicles available. Obviously, Tesla and Nissan got passenger cars rolling with the Model S and the Leaf but both have grown in capability since the early 2010s. Have any more recent passenger cars pushed you closer to ditching oil and gas? We recently drove the very good Kia EV6 which represents a shift towards electric crossovers.

Nissan is soon coming out with its Ariya and Toyota and Subaru are following suit with similar vehicles. Take one look at the roads in a big city and it’s obvious pretty quickly that crossovers have taken over so perhaps that’s the answer we’ll get from some of you. Still, many companies like Lucid have skipped over the segment in favor of building sedans or liftbacks.

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Others, like Rivian, have gone the other direction by building an all-electric truck instead of a crossover. Is that the segment that has your attention? We know that a bevy of all-electric trucks is coming including the Silverado EV, the Ford F-150 Lightning, and someday maybe even the Tesla Cybertruck. Of course, despite talking about all of these practical vehicles there’s still a special space for supercars.

Money no object, I think I’d be hard-pressed not to go get a Rimac Nevera. The pull of owning such a moonshot of a vehicle seems too grand for my feeble heart to resist. The Pininfarina Bautista or the Aspark Owl could be good bets too. So what say you Carscoops faithful? Name One EV You’d Buy In A Heartbeat.

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