This Guy Dropped An R34 Nissan Skyline Body On A Salvaged R35 And This Is Its First Test Drive

This Guy Dropped An R34 Nissan Skyline Body On A Salvaged R35 And This Is Its First Test Drive

The R34 Nissan Skyline is about as hallowed as a JDM car gets today. The problem for the majority of automotive enthusiasts in America is that they’re still not legal here and the few that are here happen to cost nearly as much as a house. One guy has found a totally unique way to get one though and that’s by dropping an R34 body on a salvaged R35 GT-R.

B is for Build is a YouTube channel run by a guy named Chris Steinbacher and this isn’t his first crazy car. He’s the same guy who built the LS-Swapped Lamborghini Huracan from SEMA a couple of years ago so this new Skyline build isn’t wildly out of his normal. What’s different is that Steinbacher is hoping that this car ends up looking and feeling like something you’d want to daily drive.

Think about all of the little things that make a difference with regard to that. Sure, big things like dash rattles and panel gaps are obvious concerns but even small things, like door switches, can change the driving experience dramatically. Now consider how technologically advanced the R35 GT-R is and you get some idea of just how much work has gone into fitting an entirely different body onto the chassis.

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That’s why it’s so impressive to see this first test drive where the GT-R gets shaken down to test vital drivability parameters. After a few gentle cruises back and forth down what looks to be a closed or very low-traffic road, Steinbacher tests out the brakes. Another vital system, ABS, kicks in and does its job like nothing about this Nissan was out of sorts.

Then he gets a chance to try out some of the other performance attributes like handling and acceleration. While the former goes just fine, it turns out that during a hard acceleration run they lose a boost coupler. Thankfully, after replacing it and tightening it down, no other problems occur.

Next, the team plans to bolt on every last piece of the car to the point that it’s road trip ready. That will include big things like putting in the front and rear windscreen and smaller ones like finishing out the interior trim. We can’t wait to see the finished product.

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