Delivery Truck Flattens Custom Lamborghini Aventador And Bentley Like Pancakes

Delivery Truck Flattens Custom Lamborghini Aventador And Bentley Like Pancakes

We’ve published many stories about people with powerful cars underestimating that power, overestimating their skills, and crashing their cars. Sometimes, though, the supercar’s owner truly isn’t at fault, as was the case in this accident in which the high-performance vehicles really weren’t doing much of anything.

The accident scene, sadly, was the owner’s Beverly Hills driveway in which an apparently custom Lamborghini Aventador and a Bentley (presumably a Continental but it’s so smooshed that it’s hard to know for sure) were crashed into by an errant delivery truck.

Pepe’s Towing Service, the company that posted the footage, says the owner has asked to remain anonymous. In a Facebook post about the crash, the company writes that the Aventador was worth a million dollars while the house was worth eight figures.

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There aren’t many details about the incident, but the box truck was reportedly fully loaded and lost its brakes, causing it to go barreling into the house. That might explain why both cars were so thoroughly destroyed.

Along with the Lamborghini and the Bentley, a Mercedes-Maybach was also damaged in the accident. It was only a glancing blow, though, because it was apparently still intact enough to be driven out of the way.

According to the tow company, the box truck was wedged under an overhang of the house, making the extraction particularly difficult and requiring a rotator. According to the extremely (and almost touchingly) positive comments section, this was a very impressive job.

We’re no insurance adjusters, but we think those cars that were stuck under the box truck are totaled – and, if that’s the case, we wouldn’t be surprised to seeing them on Copart sometime in the future.

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Lead image Pepe’s Towing Service / Facebook

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