Lucid Recalls Air Just Months After Rolling Off The Line Over A Suspension Part

Lucid Recalls Air Just Months After Rolling Off The Line Over A Suspension Part

Lucid may be rolling its eyes at one of its suppliers because an issue with the front struts is leading it to recall the Air just months after the first models made it to customers.

The automaker said that there’s a chance that a part used in the suspension, the front strut damper to be exact, may have been assembled incorrectly by its supplier, reports Reuters. The snap rings on the part may have been installed in the wrong orientation, which means that it is recalling 203 vehicles.

Lucid only expects one percent of vehicles being recalled to have the incorrectly manufactured part. Naturally, if a part of the suspension fails, it can increase the likelihood of a crash, so replacing the affected front strut mounts will be important.

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The automaker sent an email communication to owners on February 21, reports Teslarati, asking them to prepare for a recall of 2022 model year vehicles.

“This condition may result in sudden loss of ground clearance, vehicle vibration, and front brake line damage, increasing the risk of a crash,” Lucid wrote in the e-mail. “A snap fail could occur without warning to the driver. If the failure causes damage to the electrical connections to the damper, the driver would receive a warning message station ‘Suspension Control Fault. Contact Service Center.’”

The automaker also wrote that failure could result in a brake hose leak, leading the driver to receive a message about low brake fluid levels and, presumably, the eventual loss of brake performance.

Lucid will inspect and fix strut dampers where necessary, a process that could take up to four hours. The process will be accomplished free of charge.

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