Modding of Android games now possible thanks to BlueStacks

Modding of Android games now possible thanks to BlueStacks

Modding has been huge in the PC gaming world for years. In fact, several mods have gone on to become hit franchises on their own, such as PUBG, which was originally a mod for the game Arma 3.

Android game modding hasn’t really been a thing, though. However, the popular Android emulator service BlueStacks is working to change that. Today, the company (in partnership with its partner site is rolling out Creator Studio and Creator Hub. Both services allow anyone to modify certain Android games and then share them.

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The free service will have three levels of modding: basic, intermediate, and advanced. The basic tier will allow you to play with filters — think of an Instagram filter spread across the whole game. Intermediate modding will allow you to change in-game events, such as those when you make a kill or win a match. Finally, advanced modding will give you access to 2D and 3D textures, allowing you to change quite a bit, including things like character outfits.

Best of all, this Android game modding service is totally free.

Android game modding: Catching up to PC

“By 2025, the majority of mobile gamers will play modded games,” said Rosen Sharma, CEO and founder of BlueStacks and “Imagine searching for a game and finding modded versions from your favorite gamers, streamers, and fans.”

Those are certainly interesting ideas. Considering how popular modding is in the PC gaming world, it’s actually pretty astounding it’s taken this long to bring the concept to Android.

At the start, BlueStacks and will support mods on a few notable titles, including Lords Mobile, State of Survival, Walking Dead, and Epic Seven. There will be many more supported at launch and others will see support in time.

To get started with Android game modding in the cloud, you can click here. To get started using your local machine, head here.

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