BMW M Kicks Off 50th Anniversary Celebrations With ‘Huddle Speech’ Film

BMW M Kicks Off 50th Anniversary Celebrations With ‘Huddle Speech’ Film

This year marks the 50th anniversary of BMW M GmbH and while the official event will take place on May 24, the automaker has kicked off celebrations with the release of a 90-second video dubbed ‘Huddle Speech.’

The short film brings together some of the most iconic M models from past and present while also including footage of a number of classic BMW M models, such as the famed M1. Among the cars featured are the likes of the M2, the current M3 and M4, the M8, the iconic E46 M3, an M1 000 RR sports bike, and some of the latest M products, namely the i40 M50 and XM Concept.

BMW says that despite how different some of their M products may be from each other, owners “all love the accelerated heartbeat and the goosebumps that every BMW M triggers.”

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“We are proud of the roaring start to our anniversary year on 24 February,” added head of customer, brand, and sales at BMW M Timo Resch. “The film “Huddle Speech” is in the tradition of extraordinary films for BMW M, but is nevertheless different: it heralds our transformation. We are looking ahead, but continuing to create a feeling of home that defines the great BMW M fanbase. We want to celebrate with all the fans, with our international community, therefore we have surprises in store for all communication channels, all year round. We are really looking forward to it.”

BMW M will split its 50th anniversary celebrations into four ‘chapters.’ The first is ‘Huddle Speech’ that heralds the basic theme of 50 years at BMW M while the second chapter will primarily be focused on the company’s 50-year motorsport history. The third will deal with electrification while the fourth will focus on the lifestyle that the M brand provides.

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