Save Over $100 on a Refurb Microsoft Surface 3 Two-in-One Laptop – CNET

Save Over $100 on a Refurb Microsoft Surface 3 Two-in-One Laptop – CNET


Looking for an affordable, two-in-one laptop that’s great for light work and online browsing, but want more versatility than a Chromebook offers? While they’re certainly not cutting edge anymore, if most of your work is going to be online, then previous generation laptops like this Microsoft Surface 3 still boast specs and features that are more than sufficient. And by opting for a refurbished model, you can find one at a great value. 

Now through March 1, Woot has refurb models of the Microsoft Surface 3 on sale starting as low as $160 — nearly half the price of what it would cost you to buy one that’s brand new.

The Microsoft Surface 3 balances its tablet and laptop capabilities well. With a compact 10.8-inch display, up to 10 hours of battery life and weighing only 1.37 pounds, its great for sliding into your backpack and taking care of work while you’re on the go. It comes equipped with 4GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD, though it does have a microSD slot for expanded external storage. Plus it features a USB-A port and a headphone jack, which is perfect if you’re not sold on wireless headphones quite yet.

There are two different refurb tiers available for this sale: grade A and grade B. According to Woot, grade A means the device has been inspected and has minimal cosmetic damage, whereas grade B means it will have noticeable scratches dents or dings. However, both grades are ensured to be in full working condition, so if looks aren’t as important to you, either is a great value. Grade B starts at $160, while grade A starts at $190. And for $20 more, you can bundle either with the detachable keyboard.

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