OPPO’s MariSilicon X revolutionizes night photography on the Find X5 Pro

OPPO’s MariSilicon X revolutionizes night photography on the Find X5 Pro

Oppo Find X5 Pro Camera lenses close up

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Over the last few years, we’ve really started to see the fruits of smartphone makers investing in research and development. Devices have improved by leaps and bounds, with manufacturers implementing more custom components to offer unique smartphone experiences.

From Apple’s evolution of the Bionic chipset to Google’s Pixel Visual Core, there’s more variety than ever before. This remarkable innovation has spread to the smartphone photography realm.

Now, it’s OPPO’s turn to change the game. Years of effort have resulted in OPPO’s first self-designed NPU, MariSilicon X, that aims to revolutionize both night photography and videography. It’s available for the very first time on OPPO’s brand-new flagship, the Find X5 Pro, which builds upon the impressive Find X3 Pro experience.

The Find X5 Pro made its debut just ahead of MWC 2022 alongside key technologies like blistering 150W SUPERVOOC flash charge with Battery Health Engine to improve battery lifespan and 240W SUPERVOOC flash charge that pushes the boundaries of charging power. In the meantime, OPPO unveiled its CPE 5G T2 for even faster 5G connections throughout your smart home, which just goes to show where OPPO is heading in the future.

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Changing photography from the inside out

Oppo Marisilicon X Chip Close

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

As we well know, a powerful sensor only goes so far in smartphone photography. Excellent images often come as the result of some computational magic. We’ve seen it with Google’s Pixel Visual Core as well as Apple’s deep control over the entire imaging process. Whether it’s enhanced colors or crisp details, our phones are often working behind the scenes to give us the right results.

When OPPO introduced its MariSilicon X at its annual technology event, OPPO INNO DAY 2021, it billed the NPU as the perfect blend between speed and efficiency. It uses massive computing power and data throughput to allow for real-time RAW image processing on the Find X5 Pro. This means you can get to your images with all of the key metadata faster than ever.

The same powerful image processing technology applies to crisp 4K video. OPPO’s MariSilicon X NPU unleashes powerful AI Noise Reduction algorithms to create clearer and sharper videos — bringing 4K Ultra Night Video to Android smartphones for the first time. After all, image noise has been a huge problem with night photography for years now. The fact that custom hardware can clean up the results in a smartphone has the potential to change how we capture some of our favorite nighttime scenes.

OPPO’s Find X5 series not only uses the MariSilicon X to remove noise from night photography and videography, but it also maintains the crisp colors you hope for. It’s billed as the billion-color 5G flagship designed to capture the night, and it’s all thanks to research and development.

To show you just how powerful the MariSilicon X is, its HDR capabilities are four times greater than those of the Find X3 Pro, released just one year ago. The NPU enables an incredible contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 between the brightest and darkest areas. OPPO’s pro-level 5-axis OIS is just the icing on top of an impressive photography experience.

OPPO’s showcase of even more mobile innovation MWC 2022

Find X5 Booth 01

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

There’s no better place to show off revolutionary innovation than at Mobile World Congress 2022, the top mobile-first trade show. OPPO took that to heart this year with an impressive presence focused around the Find X5 Pro and its MariSilicon X NPU. It was the first opportunity for many to experience the flagship and its powerful imaging capabilities, but OPPO didn’t rest on its laurels. Rather than rely on technology from other companies, OPPO unveiled blistering 150W SUPERVOOC flash charge along with a preview of even-faster 240W SUPERVOOC flash charge.

While the Find X5 Pro was the company’s star of MWC, OPPO also brought a number of key innovations to show off its research and development prowess in other areas. It brought new connectivity products, mobile technologies, and breakthroughs in the world of 5G and AR to offer a glimpse into the future. The entire OPPO experience was split into five exhibition areas at its booth, titled “Brand,” “Flagship,” “Technology,” “5G”, and “AR Ecosystem” to highlight each of OPPO’s strengths.

Find X5 Shooting 02

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

If we’ve learned anything from OPPO in the early months of 2022, it’s that the best is still to come. The increased emphasis on research and development is already paying dividends, and the MariSilicon X NPU is pushing the Find X5 Pro to new heights. We’re seeing new feats in night photography and videography, and this can only lead to even more investment in OPPO’s technology.

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