Samsung fesses up to throttling, and here’s what it’ll do next

Samsung fesses up to throttling, and here’s what it’ll do next

Samsung Game Optimizing Service

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority


  • Samsung has reportedly responded over allegations of throttling on its phones.
  • The company confirmed that it uses the GOS service to “optimize” CPU and GPU performance.
  • It said that a software update will bring a performance priority option in the Game Launcher app.

Samsung was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons yesterday when it emerged that the company could be throttling the performance of thousands of apps on its smartphones.

A list of 10,000 affected apps was posted online, with claims that Samsung was using its Game Optimizing Service (GOS) to facilitate throttling in these programs. Now, the Korean manufacturer has responded to the allegations, seemingly confirming the behavior and saying that changes were afoot.

“The GOS of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is preloaded with our app that optimizes CPU and GPU performance to prevent excessive heat during long gameplay,” read an excerpt of a machine-translated notice posted by Samsung on its Members app (h/t: TechM and Dohyun Kim on Twitter).

How will Samsung change things?

“In order to meet the needs (sic), the Game Booster lab in the Game Launcher app will soon implement a software update that provides a performance priority option.”

In other words, it sounds like Samsung will be implementing a performance mode in the Game Launcher and Game Booster on the Galaxy S22 series. We’re guessing this will come to other affected phones too.

Crucially, the company doesn’t address the fact that benchmark apps were missing from the list and therefore not subjected to the same throttling restrictions. The exclusion of benchmark apps meant that you’d get results that were completely at odds with the real-world experience.

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