Chevy SS Crash Shows Why Drag Racing On The Street Isn’t A Good Idea

Chevy SS Crash Shows Why Drag Racing On The Street Isn’t A Good Idea

Drag racing is a fun and enjoyable hobby for many people but the only place where you should be doing it is at a drag strip. However, many enthusiasts opt to instead race on the street and this video shows just how bad things can go.

We don’t have many details about when or where this race was held but can see that a matte black and yellow Chevrolet Camaro was pitted against a modified Chevrolet SS sedan. Both are powerful cars and both can be a handful with inexperienced drivers behind the wheel.

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When pulling away, both the Camaro and the SS spin up their rear wheels but the driver of the SS was particularly throttle-happy. The Aussie sedan lays down thick lines of rubber on the road and kicks up smoke as it sets off. At this time, the driver should have realized they botched the start and backed off, letting the Chevy take the win. That’s not what they did.

Instead, the Chevy SS driver keeps on racing but is unable to keep the sedan in a straight line with it fishtailing down the road. Before too long, it veers into the grass on the side of the road and then aggressively spins out of control to the left.

Footage taken in the aftermath of the crash shows that the Chevy plowed straight through the fence of a local business. It’s hard to tell exactly how much damage was done but we can see that the front of the SS is pretty beat up. Moreover, it appears the rear of the car is resting against the trailer of a large truck that was parked at the facility.

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