Nvidia’s latest GPUs may finally be easier to find in stock

Nvidia’s latest GPUs may finally be easier to find in stock


  • Nvidia’s GPU supplies are improving.
  • GeForce RTX 3000 series are expected to stay in stock indefinitely.

Nvidia’s supply issues may finally be improving, making it easier to find some of the company’s latest GPUs. According to Nvidia’s website, the company’s GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs are in stock and available. As Digital Trends points out, the company’s retail partners appear to have the latest GPUs in stock as well. What’s more, reports indicate the RTX 3000 series will remain in stock indefinitely moving forward.

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The global pandemic strained GPU supplies around the world. As individuals quarantined and sheltered in place, the demand for personal computers, tablets, and gaming consoles skyrocketed. Simultaneously, cryptocurrency miners helped drive demand to the breaking point, as GPUs can mine crypto far more efficiently than CPUs.

The increased demand helped create a market for suppliers to take advantage of the situation, with unscrupulous ones driving the price of GPUs up several times over MSRP.

The news that Nvidia’s GPUs are back in stock, and likely to remain that way, is good for gamers, computer users, and crypto miners alike.

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