Watch Cop Dodge Bullets And PIT Maneuver A New Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Watch Cop Dodge Bullets And PIT Maneuver A New Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Pulling off a successful P.I.T. maneuver is no easy task but the officer in this video does it with a much smaller vehicle than the target car and while being shot at. Not only is he successful but he also happens to seem completely unfazed by the danger throughout the entire ordeal.

On April 2nd, 32-year-old Charles Carswelllef police on a lengthy high-speed chase in a new Grand Wagoneer. The Jeep only became disabled because of the skillfully completed P.I.T. maneuver (pursuit intervention technique) or TVI (tactical vehicle intervention) seen in the video below. At the wheel of the police car, a Dodge Charger was Oklahoma State Trooper Brack Miller.

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Local authorities were on the watch for Carswell, an armed robbery suspect, after being alerted by police from Sedona, Arizona on April 2nd. Once troopers located Carswell they attempted a traffic stop which ultimately led to the chase which spanned across much of Canadian County in Oklahoma before concluding on the Kilpatrick Turnpike.

In the fairly short video, we get just the last couple of minutes of the chase and see as Carswell takes aim and fires at Officer Miller multiple times. At no point does Officer Miller return fire. Instead, he manages to dodge and weave the incoming bullets and attempts to disable the Grand Wagoneer two times before finding success on his third attempt.

The only point during the entire video where Miller seems even slightly unsettled is after the first attempt where he doesn’t seem to get much purchase on the edge of the Jeep and ultimately has to catch his own vehicle in what could’ve been a nasty fishtail situation.

Due to the high speeds at the time of the successful takedown, Miller actually drives on quite a ways before coming to a stop himself. The film ends with him getting out and observing the damage to his patrol unit. While police did not share footage of what happened after stopping the car, Carswell reportedly barricaded himself on the other side of the brand new but disabled Jeep Grand Wagoneer luxury SUV. According to KFOR news, he got out of the SUV, grabbed an AK-47 and started firing at troopers who shot back and killed him.

Regardless of the factors regarding safety at play here, there’s no doubt that Officer Miller demonstrated some exceptional car control under an incredibly stressful situation.

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Image Credit: PoliceActivity on YouTube

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