Poll: Should Netflix offer a cheaper, ad-supported plan?

Poll: Should Netflix offer a cheaper, ad-supported plan?

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This decline looks like a drop in the ocean compared to its 200 million global subscribers, but Netflix has also reacted by announcing the addition of a cheaper, ad-supported plan in the future.

Will you downgrade your regular Netflix plan to a cheaper, ad-supported plan?

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This therefore begs the question of whether you’ll buy this cheaper plan over more expensive ad-free tiers. Give us your opinion by voting in the poll above.

An ad-based tier makes sense as a way to lower the barrier of entry to Netflix. After all, the likes of Hulu and HBO Max both offer cheaper, ad-supported plans. These companies also tend to offer the same content between ad-free and ad-supported plans, so you’re not missing out.

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Then again, pricing matters when it comes to offering a cheaper, ad-supported plan. We’re guessing that few people would opt for an ad-based tier if it were only $1 cheaper than the entry-level ad-free tier otherwise.

Other factors to consider with an ad-based plan include the frequency of ads, whether Netflix would allow you to download content for offline viewing, and whether the plan would limit video quality to 1080p or lower.

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