If Carmakers Had To Have A Single Model Lineup, What Would You Choose For Each Brand?

If Carmakers Had To Have A Single Model Lineup, What Would You Choose For Each Brand?

There are a few brands that have just a single vehicle on offer right now. For example, Pagani only builds the Huayra (unless you hand them enough money for another special edition of the Zonda). What would happen if every company had to pare down its lineup to a single vehicle? Which one would you pick to represent each badge?

Now, some brands make this way too easy – like Buick for instance. None of its models are particularly breathtaking so you might as well represent the brand with the best vehicle it has on offer, the Enclave Avenir. Lincoln offers a similar story. Each of its products is fine but there’s no denying the brand presence or importance of the Navigator.

We could break this down to the way that each of us decides what’s most important. Is it what’s most important to you individually or to the brand’s identity though? For instance, if performance is the most important thing to you personally you might choose the Civic Type R as the car to represent Honda. At the same time if we really wanted to pick the single car that represents Honda as a brand, the plain Civic or the Accord might also be considered appropriate choices.

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That sort of argument makes us think of Chrysler which has just a pair of vehicles on offer right now. The 300 was a game-changer for the brand when it arrived on the scene and I still get excited when I see a 300 SRT8 roll by. At the same time, the Pacifica deserves credit as Chrysler’s far more innovative vehicle in recent years.

Some might allow us to blend both presence and performance though. Mercedes and its G63 AMG could be a decent way to show off both sides and the upcoming Cadillac Escalade V Blackwing is another good example. Perhaps though, you have another way to pick what should represent each brand.

If everything was based simply on sales, the F-150 would be the standard-bearer for Ford, which makes sense but it’s less palatable to think that the Urus would be the only Lamborghini on sale. So you tell us below. If carmakers had to have a single model lineup, what would you choose for each brand?

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