Trio In Cadillac Escalade Lead Police On High-Speed Chase Through California

Trio In Cadillac Escalade Lead Police On High-Speed Chase Through California

Police have arrested three individuals in Santa Clarita, California after a dangerous high-speed chase that looks out of a scene from Grand Theft Auto.

It is understood that the chase started at approximately 4 pm on April 21 in Burbank. The Cadillac Escalade had been stolen from Texas, where all three suspects were also from, and an 18-year-old occupant inside was wanted for murder.

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A media helicopter from ABC7 captured part of the dramatic chase. At one stage, the vehicle stops and one suspect flees on foot while the other two, both believed to be minors, quickly speed away in the SUV. Soon after, they cross onto the opposite side of Valencia Boulevard, narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic.

As the chase continues, the two suspects pull into a large apartment complex with one California Highway Patrol officer chasing them. They jump out of the Escalade and flee on foot, jumping over fences in a bid to avoid being captured. Soon after, they jump into a swimming pool complex but after spotting two officers walking towards them with their guns drawn, they quickly surrender.

ABC7 reports that the chase lasted approximately 15 minutes before the two suspects were arrested. The third individual who jumped out of the Escalade in the early stages of the chase was also arrested. It is not yet clear what charges authorities have hit the three men with although the incident remains under investigation.

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