Tesla FSD Beta Update 10.12 Makes Big Changes To Improve User Experience

Tesla’s Full Self Driving (FSD) Beta software has had a rough lifespan. Aside from a number of accidents that drivers have blamed on it, there has been controversy over its design features. Now, a new update aims to make vast improvements and improve the confidence level that the system has in itself.

While that initially might sound troublesome, imagine taking a turn with a driver that isn’t sure about whether or not they can even make the turn safely. FSD 10.12 aims to solve that problem by predicting the situation more accurately and increasing the speed of the vehicle through turns among other things.

In addition, Tesla seems to have addressed a number of major concerns and annoying issues related to the previous version. Phantom braking seems to be further improved as the changelog mentions “Reduced traffic control related false slowdowns”.

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Just that small change would make a lot of Tesla owners happier but the list is extended beyond that shift. For instance, the visualization of vehicles on the driver information display has become considerably more detailed. Instead of simple shapes, the vast majority of vehicles have deeper details.

Vehicles represented on the display show a number of new features. Not only will Tesla drivers get an indication when other drivers hit their brakes or use their turn signals, but in addition, they’ll know when other vehicles have open doors. Tesla vehicles automatically did their best to drive around open doors in the past but now it will be more obvious why their vehicle might change lanes at the moment.

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Overall, this update intends to improve the updated Full Self Driving’s ability to predict things happening around it. The software can better judge things that are both near and far away which should, in theory, make it safer and smoother. Of course, there’s no guarantee about exactly how safe or smooth that will be in practice.

For the moment, Full Self Driving 10.12 is only available to Tesla employees, which is standard practice at this point. Nevertheless, we expect it to roll out to everyday users sooner than later.

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