2024 Audi A4’s Twin-Screen Dashboard Revealed In Latest Spy Shots

In-car connectivity and entertainment is a key battleground when it comes to new car sales, and our latest spy shots reveal exactly what that media system will look like when the next-generation Audi A4 arrives for the 2024 model year.

The scoop pics show that Audi isn’t adopting a one-piece screen structure like BMW, whose latest iDrive system’s main screen flows into the digital instrument binnacle. Instead, Audi has opted to fit two separate screens: a large, but slim rectangular display ahead of the driver, and a second square-shaped unit mounted further away from the windshield on the top of a low-rise center console.

It looks like Audi is also jumping on the trend for mounting those two screens on top of the dashboard, rather than embedding them within it. That helps give the cabin a more spacious feel (even if none of that space is useful), and also makes the driver feel like they’re sitting higher up, as they might in a crossover.

Also visible in these interior pics is a push-pull toggle for the automatic transmission selector and a hexagonal steering wheel fitted with touch-sensitive buttons, two features lifted from recently introduced Audis such as the Q4 e-tron. It’s good to see that Audi has retained a physical rotary volume controller at the back of the console, but unfortunately it looks like the climate functions might have migrated to the main touchscreen.

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Our spy photographers also grabbed another set of exterior images of the exterior of the A4 Avant wagon we saw back in May. In true Audi fashion the design changes are evolutionary, but detail changes that make it appear more modern include slimmer headlights and flush-fit door handles. Interestingly, the grille appears slights shorter this time, and no longer butts up to the leading edge of the hood. Instead, there’s an area of body-color plastic between the two, which helps reduce repair costs after low-speed shunts.

The photographer noted that this particular test car was extremely noisy, and wondered if it is an early RS4 prototype. The small “PHEV” sticker on the rear window tells us it’s a hybrid, and it seems very likely that Audi will turn the next RS4 into a plug-in to target the new 671 hp (680 PS) Mercedes-AMG C63 PHEV. But since this test car has a simple twin-pipe exhaust system and what looks like basic sliding-caliper brakes, it’s probably something less spicy.

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Image Credits: CarPix for Carscoops

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