The Caterham Super Seven 600 and Super Seven 2000 have just been launched in the European market. Both models are making their European debut at Retromobile Show in Paris, France.

Sitting at the base of the range is the Super Seven 600. It is powered by a 660 cc turbocharged Suzuki engine that is good for 84 hp. This variant is related to the Seven 170 and shares the same live axle chassis design. Caterham describes the Super Seven 600 as “a car for those who want to enjoy a leisurely Sunday drive with the wind in their hair but are less focused on bhp and 0-60 times.”

By comparison, the Super Seven 2000 is driven by a 2.0-liter Duratec four-cylinder engine with 170 hp. Underpinning this model is the same de-Dion chassis as the majority of other Caterham models. The Super Seven 2000 can be equipped with a sports suspension package that includes a rear anti-roll bar, adjustable platforms, and front ventilated brake discs with four-piston calipers. Both the 600 and 2000 can be optioned with a limited-slip differential.

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 2022 Caterham Super Seven 600 And 2000 Land In Europe

The two models look very similar from the outside and include a chrome filler cap, a black leather Moto-Lita steering wheel, carpeted rear panel, polished exhaust, and LED rear lights. The duo also both feature 14-inch wheels, although the designs of these wheels do differ.

Familiar Caterham colors including Gravity Black, Exocet Red, Vintage Green, and Firecracker Yellow are available, as are four new colors dubbed Bourbon, Ashdown Green, Windsor Blue, and Fawn.

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Customers can also customize the interior of their Caterham Super Seven and choose colors for the carpet, dashboard, leather seats, gearbox, and handbrake gaiters. Among the colors available are Deep Red, Cream, Birch White, Burgundy, Ginger, Admirability Blue, and Biscuit Beige.

The Super Seven 600 comes in a standard chassis only while the Super Seven 2000 is offered in standard and large chassis sizes. European pricing for the Super Seven 600 starts at €36,895 ($40,589) while the Super Seven 2000 is available from €51,195 ($56,321).

 2022 Caterham Super Seven 600 And 2000 Land In Europe