Georgia State Police recently chased and caught the driver of a white Dodge Charger after using the PIT maneuver at high speeds to end the pursuit. Authorities allegedly had trouble determining which of the four occupants in the vehicle was driving. That’s when a video posted to Instagram during the pursuit by the fleeing suspects made it an open-and-shut case.

The video comes to us from the YouTube channel State Boyzzz out of Georgia and it begins with a trooper trying to pull over the Dodge in question. Almost immediately, the driver begins to speed away, passes over a double-yellow line, runs a red light, and the chase begins.

It continues on the highway for some time before officers ultimately catch up and PIT the suspect vehicle. It spins out, slides off of the highway, into a ditch, and ultimately past that into a tree-filled scene. According to what the channel claims is the police report, the officers immediately began rounding up occupants. At first, they found three and then soon after learned of a fourth that had fled the scene.

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According to the report, the fourth person was allegedly the driver, but police needed evidence to confirm that account. During the investigation they found a post to Instagram showing a short clip of the pursuit from inside of the fleeing vehicle. In the video, it’s clear that there’s a police car in pursuit, the driver is clearly visible, and the speedometer is indicating triple-digit speeds.

According to the report, the fourth individual was purportedly the driver, but police required evidence to verify this claim. During their investigation, they discovered an Instagram post containing a brief clip of the pursuit from within the fleeing vehicle. The video distinctly shows a police car in pursuit, the driver’s identity is clearly visible, and the speedometer indicates triple-digit speeds.

Evidently, the video is from 2021 and there are at least two arrest records for the alleged driver during and after that in Georgia. One of the two even includes a charge of fleeing or attempting to elude police and reckless driving. The lessons in this story are countless. Among the most obvious are don’t run from the police and if you do, certainly don’t record the crime and post it to social media.

Image Credit: State Boyzzz