Every now and then, you’ve probably felt the urge to swing by Dunkin’ Donuts for a coffee or a sweet treat. However, for the driver of this Mazda CX-5, their trip through the drive-thru didn’t quite go as planned.

The incident happened in Londonderry, New Hampshire, and images shared by the local police department show the SUV has somehow ended up on its side at the entrance to the drive-thru. While the Londonderry PD have not shared any details about the incident, it’s not hard to speculate about what has probably happened here.

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Situated at the edge of the drive-thru entrance is a small yellow pole that has been hit and now rests at a steep angle. Given the lack of visible damage done to the CX-5’s front fascia, we suspect that the driver may have inadvertently placed the Mazda’s front wheel behind this pole. As the vehicle entered the drive-thru, it likely started to drive up the pole, eventually shunting the SUV onto its side at what was likely a very slow pace.

Photos Londonderry PD

The presence of a dealer plate at the front of the CX-5 and the lack of a rear plate suggests that it may have just been driven off the dealership showroom before the incident occurred. The undercarriage is also immaculate.

Images shared on social media show that police, fire crews, and an ambulance attended the scene but don’t shed much light on how much damage was done to the driver’s side of the Mazda. There’s a good chance the side windows may have shattered and the doors will have been badly scratched and dented. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.