Airbags are one of the most important safety features, but a number of them have been recalled in recent years. Unfortunately, it’s happening again as Stellantis is recalling over 300,000 Dodge Chargers and Chrysler 300s.

According to the automaker, a routine review of customer feedback led to an investigation that found an issue with side airbag inflatable curtain modules. In particular, certain vehicles may have been equipped with airbag inflators “that had moisture introduced during supplier manufacturing.”

That’s far from ideal as water can lead to corrosion and the potential rupturing of the airbag. If that occurs, “inflator material may be discharged inside the vehicle and cause injury.”

The company is aware of at least five separate incidents and noted all of them occurred when interior temperatures exceeded 120° F (48.9° C). While the number of incidents is alarming, Stellantis said they’re not aware of any injuries or accidents related to the issue. They also believe the defect impacts less than one percent of vehicles being recalled, but safety takes precedence.

The recall targets certain Chargers and 300s from the 2018-2021 model years. Stellantis estimates there are 284,982 in the United States and an additional 10,285 in Canada. The company is also recalling 3,502 vehicles in Mexico as well as 18,820 in other markets.

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Stellantis said they’re in the process of accumulating parts so dealers can remedy the issue. While the company didn’t say when repairs would begin, customers can check the Mopar recall website or checktoprotect.org to learn if their vehicle is affected.

The automaker was also quick to point out these aren’t the deadly Takata airbags that have claimed at least 27 lives in the United States alone. As they stressed, the inflators in this recall do not use the same propellant or design as the Takata units.