Aftermarket car tech is practically everywhere and we want to know which gadgets are your favorite. Automakers might be filling their vehicles full of tech but some features aren’t available in production cars. We’re talking about everything from dashcams to radar detectors and more.

Gone are the days of a flip-out stereo and an aftermarket set of speakers being the big new thing in aftermarket car tech. Today, people can add heads-up displays, starlight headliners, fancy puddle lights, and even ventilated seat pads to their rides. All of those features add a bit of luxury and cool factor but gadgets aimed at safety are plentiful too. 

For example, the dashcam market is gigantic (even if many use almost identical components) and can aid drivers in various ways. Some capture proof of their innocence in traffic accidents, others record crimes with their dashcams, and a few manage to incriminate themselves

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The aftermarket also offers parking sensors, backup cameras, blind-spot warning systems, forward-collision warning systems, and more. While these systems might not be flashy they sound like the perfect addition to a car driven by a less-than-stellar pilot. 

 What’s Your Favorite Aftermarket In-Car Tech?

Some aftermarket tech actually prolongs ownership too. This week, a friend mentioned that their wife had long wanted to get rid of her older Porsche Boxster. That is, until someone gave her a small bluetooth FM transmitter that allowed her to listen to her own music in the car. I personally used a similar device to run both bluetooth music and calls to my old E60 BMW 535i and there’s another one in my MINI Cooper right now.

Perhaps your story is like one of those where in-car tech doesn’t so much add to the plethora of other gadgets that you already have in your car but instead, it enables you to have a modern convenience in an older model. Regardless of your answer, we want to hear about it below. Let us know in the comment section what aftermarket in-car tech you love and why it’s your favorite. 

 What’s Your Favorite Aftermarket In-Car Tech?

Lead image credit: Aceteam