When it comes to repairs for unexpected issues, drivers who visited Kia or Jeep dealerships were the least satisfied, with Hyundai drivers following closely behind, according to a new survey from Consumer Reports. However, they weren’t alone. On average, owners who chose dealerships were less satisfied with their experience than those who opted for an independent shop.

A major contributor to that satisfaction is—well, you guessed it—price. People who go to independent shops can negotiate the costs of labor and parts, something they tend not to be able to do at a dealership. Some repair chains, like AAA Car Care Plus and Firestone Complete Auto Care, also rated highly in terms of price.

But that’s not the only area in which independent shops have an advantage, according to the study from Consumer Reports. Its members described these garages highly for their trustworthiness, knowledgeable mechanics, and good reputation.

Regardless of where people took their vehicles—be it an independent shop, dealer, or chain—the service was generally satisfactory, according to the people surveyed. In fact, 85 percent of respondents reported that their initial problem was fixed in one visit, 68 percent stated that their repair was completed in a day or less, and 91 percent indicated that it was finished within the time predicted by the shop.

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However, there were also some advantages to visiting a dealership. In addition to having cleaner and more comfortable facilities than independent shops, they are also able to provide loaner vehicles. Owners with newer vehicles are also more likely to take their vehicles to a dealership. About 80 percent of drivers who own a 2023 model year vehicle take it to the dealer, while just 18 percent who own a vehicle from the year 2000 do the same.

 Indy Shops Shine, Kia, Hyundai, Jeep Dealers Lag In Service Satisfaction Survey

While a history of dealer-performed repairs and OEM replacement parts can help improve the resale value of a vehicle, new technology may also require specialty equipment that independent shops and chains do not yet have access to.

Dealership service loyalty by brand

The owners of certain brands were also more likely to prefer taking their vehicle to a dealership (or service center) for repairs. The most likely were Tesla (89 percent), Cadillac (61 percent), Audi (54 percent), Ram (54 percent), and Subaru (52 percent) drivers. Oddly, that doesn’t line up with the brands whose dealerships were most highly rated: Acura, Lexus, Mazda, and Volvo.

The brands whose drivers were the least likely to visit the shop aligned more closely with user ratings. Only 40 percent of Hyundai drivers and 39 percent of Jeep drivers were likely to take their vehicle to the dealer for repairs. Chevrolet (43 percent), Chrysler (31 percent), and Dodge (29 percent) were the other brands at the bottom of the ranking.

 Indy Shops Shine, Kia, Hyundai, Jeep Dealers Lag In Service Satisfaction Survey