• A mysterious model featured in Nissan’s video hints at the return of the Skyline nameplate.
  • The design blends elements of a fastback, five-door, and potentially a crossover.
  • This could be Nissan’s first fully electric Skyline, likely sharing a platform with upcoming Infiniti EVs

When it comes to announcements, Nissan certainly knows how to make a splash, as evidenced by today’s revelation of its ambitious three-year business plan, which includes unveiling over 30 new models globally by 2026.

That’s a lot to digest at once, and sure enough, upon further scrutiny of the official video, we’ve uncovered another mysterious model that escaped our attention earlier. This one could be quite special, as it appears to showcase the next evolution of the famed Skyline nameplate.

At first glance, it’s easy to mistake the model for a GT-R, given the round shape of the LEDs at the back. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that this one has a fastback silhouette, combined with a five-door body style or what marketing divisions like to call a coupe-crossover. As such, it sits lower compared to the surrounding SUVs, while being somewhat taller than a traditional sedan or four-door coupe.

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At the front, the slim LED headlights connect below the illuminated Nissan emblem, with their sharp edges following the lines of the sculpted bumper. The absence of a grille suggests that this could be a fully electric vehicle, although most upcoming Nissan models will still feature a combustion engine under the hood. We should note that the design preview pictured here could undergo further evolution before reaching production

The current 14th generation Nissan Skyline sedan, known as the Infiniti Q50 in the U.S., has been in production since 2014. Despite receiving mild facelifts in 2017 and 2019, it is long overdue for a replacement. Recent reports suggest that a successor may debut later this year, featuring a fully electric powertrain.

Previous rumors from Japan hinted at the possibility of the new Nissan Skyline being offered in both crossover and sedan variants. However, based on the pictured model, it appears that it could blend elements of both body styles into a single design. Additionally, the Skyline may share its EV platform with upcoming Infiniti-branded EVs, enabling Nissan to develop it in a cost-effective manner.

Another unknown is whether the Skyline will remain a sister model to one of Infiniti’s upcoming vehicles or if it will take a different direction. If it does diverge, there’s speculation about Nissan’s interest in introducing such a product in North America.

If Nissan takes the crossover route it won’t be the first automaker to do so. Toyota recently used the Crown nameplate – historically associated with sedans – for an electrified crossover. European automakers also adopted a similar strategy for larger offerings including the Peugeot 408, the Citroen C5 X, as well as the upcoming Opel Manta and Lancia Gamma, and the Chinese-spec Ford Evos.

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