A shocking head-on collision involving California Highway Patrol, captured on camera by a nearby vehicle, is suspected to have been an intentional act. Authorities claim that the driver of a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction on the highway specifically targeted the officers.

Despite the harrowing scene, miraculously, both officers in the SUV and the driver of the opposing vehicle managed to survive.

The CHP’s Valley Division issued a scathing statement on Thursday, denouncing the reckless actions of the offending driver. According to CHP Assistant Commissioner Ezery Beauchamp, the incident unfolded as two officers were stationed in their patrol car, a Ford Explorer, on Interstate 80 following the conclusion of a routine traffic stop.

At 3:38 p.m., footage captured the driver of a Toyota RAV4 hurtling down the wrong side of the road, along the right shoulder, before violently colliding with the police vehicle.

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Following the collision, the RAV4 flips and somersaults before finally landing back on its wheels. Meanwhile, the Ford is forcefully pushed backward and spins clockwise before ultimately coming to a halt. The aftermath reveals both vehicles heavily damaged, with deployed airbags and mangled front ends.

Authorities say that the department is going to work hand-in-hand with the district attorney’s office to make sure the responsible individual is held accountable. Interestingly, the CHP didn’t release any details about the Toyota driver. It’s unclear at this point what their motive was, when they decided to follow through on their plan, or how they got onto the highway going the wrong way in the first place.

On top of that, there’s no word on what charges the driver is facing and how police determined that this was intentional. According to CBS News, authorities did confirm that the driver wasn’t under the influence during the crash. Regardless, the good news is that both officers are expected to make a full recovery.

They sustained both serious and major injuries but ended up being able to leave the hospital just hours after admittance. The Toyota RAV4 driver also survived with minor injuries and ended up in jail after the crash. Beauchamp concluded his remarks by saying that CHP won’t tolerate this type of violence against its force and by thanking officers for their dedication and hard work while on duty.

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Image Credit: CHP Valley Division