Tesla CEO Elon Musk allegedly now requires Tesla employees to install and demo FSD for customers during the delivery process. A leaked email details his demands as a “hard requirement.” There are several implications linked to this new direction from Musk.

According to notable Tesla beta tester WholeMarsBlog, Musk sent an email on Monday morning about the procedural change. In it, he demands that every North American customer get FSD 12.3.1 installed in the car and demonstrated during delivery. He also explained his reasoning and expectations.

“Going forward, it is mandatory in North America to install and activate FSD V12.3.1 and take customers on a short test ride before handing over the car. Almost no one actually realizes how well (supervised) FSD actually works. I know this will slow down the delivery process, but it is nonetheless a hard requirement. Thanks, Elon,” the alleged email said.

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If real, and there’s no clear reason to think that this is a hoax, it could signal a few things. FSD is currently a $12,000 option available for every Tesla model save for the Cybertruck.

That’s twice the price of Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot software which might make it a hard sale. On the other hand, buyers can also get FSD as a monthly subscription for $200. This move appears primed to show off what FSD is capable of and perhaps to convert more sales.

It also seems to indicate that Musk must be quite confident about it if he’s so willing to ensure that every new Tesla customer has a chance to try it. He clearly thinks it’s a good product as it is. Demonstrating how to use it could also go a way toward sidestepping any question about proper communication surrounding just how to use FSD safely.

At the same time, and Musk points this out, this demand will slow down the delivery process. That might not be a big issue for a small boutique automaker, but Tesla isn’t that. Nevertheless, it is a move in the right direction as customers will be better educated about their car’s semi-autonomous system.