Taste-Testing 6 Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks video – CNET

Speaker 1: If you want the health benefits that come with apple cider vinegar, but don’t want to take that harsh shot every morning. There are a bunch of apple cider vinegar based drinks that make it taste a whole lot better, and we’re testing six of them today. Speaker 2: Oh my God, Speaker 3: That was terrible. Speaker 4: Yeah, it’s actually pretty Speaker 3: Good, honey and lemon. Okay. But I could smell the ginger. You Speaker 5: Don’t like ginger? No. It’s give me a long day. Speaker 4: Yeah. That’s really good. Speaker 6: [00:00:30] Wow. That tastes refreshing. Speaker 5: That’s the healthy stuff. The mother, they call it floating Speaker 2: Out in there. Oh yeah, mother. Speaker 6: I feel like my whole soul, my whole body has been cleansed. Speaker 3: I could taste the pineapple really coming into the rescue. Speaker 7: Okay, finish that one. And it was because I wanted to, not because I was Speaker 3: Forced. Yeah, that’s apple juice. That’s a little sketch Speaker 6: That tastes like apple juice. Speaker 3: I don’t like seltzers. Speaker 1: Don’t worry. It’s got ginger in it. Speaker 2: [00:01:00] Ginger. No. Speaker 3: Nope. Speaker 2: Oh, Speaker 4: That tastes chemically. Speaker 5: It does have stevia. Speaker 4: Not a big fan of, Speaker 7: But that was really good. I like that Speaker 3: There can’t be apples. Speaker 6: Tastes like seltzer. Not bad, not sweet. Not tangy at all. Or recommend. Speaker 3: Okay, so number one, poppy Speaker 4: Apple cider vinegar. Speaker 6: I did like the emergency Speaker 7: Poppy is my favorite. Speaker 2: Wow.

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