Testing BruMate’s Leakproof Tumbler video – CNET

Speaker 1: What’s up y’all? It’s your social producer ly and I got another package today. It’s from roommate. You might remember we unboxed their water bottles last year, but this time another one got sent to me by surprise because of course I am the hydration master here at cnet. Anyways, I honestly don’t know what it is, nor have I been paying attention to the water bottle world because everyone’s about Stanley’s these days. But anyways, let’s open it. So we got a box and a nice eco-friendly bag. I see it’s [00:00:30] all black like my soul, but apparently not this cup because it’s neon. Not a color I would personally wear, but on a cup, not bad. 40 ounces. Three in some of these would cover my daily gallon intake of water a day. I’m for it. I like it. And it’s antis spill, by the way, so heck yeah. Stay hydrated. Would recommend.

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