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Segway Unveils Futuristic Hydrogen-Powered Apex H2 Motorcycle That’s Bound For Production

Segway is best known for building quirky personal transporters, but their latest product is certainly more interesting as it’s a futuristic motorcycle known as the Apex H2. Looking like something out of a sci-fi movie, the Apex H2 is a slick bike that features a minimalist windscreen, a slender headlight and large wheels that appear to […]

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Toyota Pushes Forward With Hydrogen, Sets Up New Production And Refueling Center In Australia

Victoria sees its first commercial-grade hydrogen production, storage, and refueling facility come online as Toyota has transformed its former manufacturing space at Altona in the west of Melbourne. According to the Japanese auto-making giant, sustainable hydrogen will play a key role in fueling eco-friendly vehicles such as the Toyota Mirai, the first mass-produced hydrogen-powered vehicle […]

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Fancy James May’s Favorite Car? Form An Orderly Queue Because He’s Selling It

Grand Tour host James May argues that cars are like fashion: you have to move on. And that’s why he’s getting rid of the car he likes the most in his collection. The Toyota Mirai may not be the most exciting car in the motoring journalist’s collection, but it has ingratiated itself to him. “Its […]

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