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Gorgeous McLaren F1 With High-Downforce Kit And One-Off Headlights Hits The Auction Block

Almost three full decades after its launch the McLaren F1 continues to hold the record as the fastest naturally aspirated production car ever made. That, along with a slew of other important facts surrounding its design, performance, and manufacturing make it probably the greatest car ever made. Now, one of the most unique examples of […]

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9 Cars That Were Sales Flops When New, But Are Worth Fortunes Now

Some cars start out expensive and are so desirable that there are no shortage of buyers, and 10, 15, 20 years later nothing has changed. Think Ferrari Enzo, Porsche 918 Spyder and McLaren P1. Others start out as hot property, but can be picked up for peanuts today because nobody wants them, or at least […]

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Celebrate The McLaren F1’s Birthday With These 30 F1-Tastic Facts

Ayrton Senna’s victory at the Monaco Grand Prix in May 1992 was a particularly sweet one for McLaren, and not just because the team had finally broken Brit Nigel Mansell’s five-race winning streak. Monaco was where McLaren was unveiling its brand new road car. And though legendary commentator Murray Walker ranked the ’92 race as […]

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