Apple Granted Restraining Order Against Stalker Claiming Tim Cook Is the Father of Her Kids

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Court filings have revealed that a 45-year-old woman from Virginia has been stalking Tim Cook for more than a year. On Friday, a California judge granted Apple a restraining order against the woman who allegedly emailed Cook photos of a loaded pistol and trespassed on his property.

Apple accused the stalker of “erratic, threatening, and bizarre behavior.” In its application, the company added that it believes that the woman “may be armed and is still in the South Bay Area and intends to return to (Cook’s) residence or locate him otherwise in the near future.” The iPhone maker furnished copies of photos, emails and tweets said to come from the woman as evidence of the stalking.

Tim Cook Receives Disturbing Emails from Stalker

The Apple CEO first learned of the woman’s obsession back in 2020 because he “receives alerts when he is tagged on Twitter,” the application noted. She even used Cook’s last name, claiming that he is her husband and the father of her twins. The same year, from October to November, she is said to have sent around 200 emails to the CEO. Some emails contained photos of revolvers and cartridges. In another email, she said that she wanted a sexual relationship with Cook. The application said that these messages showed “a significant escalation in tone, becoming threatening and highly disturbing.”

Stalker Trespasses on Cook’s Property

The obsession reached a crescendo in October last year, when she drove from Virginia to Palo Alto and showed up at Cook’s residence. Security asked her to leave and she complied, however, she returned to the property and waited in her car. She attempted to flee after seeing the Palo Alto police, but was stopped. The woman allegedly told them that she was staying in Palo Alto and “could get violent.”

Later in December, she emailed Cook demanding hundreds of millions of dollars. According to Apple’s filing, the most recent email “ordered Cook to move.”

Apple Granted Restraining Order

On Friday, a judge granted Apple’s restraining order against the woman. The order bars the 45-year-old woman from “possessing guns, approaching any Apple employees including Cook, entering any Apple property or going to Cook’s Palo Alto residence.” A hearing into the matter has been set for March 29.

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