How to save locations on Google Maps

How to save locations on Google Maps

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Saving locations on Google Maps can save you a lot of time and effort planning trips or trying to remember addresses. Even better, you can organize your saved locations into lists, such as favorites, places you want to go, or where you parked your car. Here’s how to save a location on Google Maps using your smartphone or computer.

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Select a location or preferred spot on Google Maps. From the address description, select the Save icon. To find the location later, tap Saved on mobile or click Your Places on Desktop.


How to save location on Google Maps using your iPhone or Android phone

First, open the Google Maps app from your iPhone or Android phone. Then, select an address you’d like to save. You can do this by searching for a place, tapping a marker, or touching and holding a spot on the map.


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From the location’s description, tap Save and choose which list you want to save it to. You can add a short description for reference as well. After that, tap Done in the top right corner, and you’re all set!

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For those using an iPhone 6 or up, you have the option of using 3D Touch to save a location. Turn on 3D Touch from the phone’s accessibility settings, then from the Google Maps app, touch, and hard press on a place to save.

How to save location on Google Maps using your computer

First, open Google Maps on your web browser. Then, click or search for a business, place, or a set of coordinates.

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The location description will open on the left side of the screen. Click Save and select a list.

To view your list of saved locations on a computer, click the menu bar in the top left corner of the screen, then select Your Places.

How to save parking spots on Google Maps

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Before you start driving, you can look up places to park your car. Then, once you reach your destination, you can save your parking location to make it easier to find later. This is a great feature if you’re headed somewhere busy or leaving your vehicle at the airport for a few days. Plus, you can even pay for parking within the Google Maps app.

Add a parking spot to your route

Open Google Maps on your phone, tablet, computer, or through the Android Auto or Apple Carplay app in your vehicle’s dashboard.

Select your destination, then tap Directions. Google will tell you how busy the traffic is and how long it should take to get there.

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On mobile, tap Steps at the bottom of the screen, then tap Find parking near destination. On desktop, select Parking Lots under the Explore tab for a list of nearby parking lots.

Google Maps Parking

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Be aware that Google won’t show you any free, hidden parking spaces, only registered parking lots. So it would be worth asking a local friend for any tips if you want to save money.

Choose a parking lot or garage and tap Add parking. This will add the parking spot to your route. Then, when you’re ready to head out, tap Start.

Save where you parked

Once you’ve safely parked, open Google Maps on your smartphone.

Tap the blue icon that shows your current location. If your GPS signal is weak, Google may ask you to calibrate its accuracy, which is a quick process of pointing your camera around the surrounding street area.

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Once your coordinates are accurate, tap Save your parking. Now Google will remember where your car is in case you forget. You can also add notes, such as how much time you have left on the meter or what floor you parked on.

To find your parking location later, you can search for Parking location in the search bar and plot directions to it. Often simply tapping the search bar will draw up your recently saved parking location as a first suggestion.

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Tap Clear in your parking locations description when you’re ready to leave.

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Can other people see my saved locations?

Saved locations will be unique to your Google account, meaning only you can find your saved places unless you create and share a list of places. However, Google can anonymously share combined information about users’ saved places.

How do I delete a saved place on Google Maps?

First, navigate to your lists of saved places. On the Google Maps mobile app, tap Saved from the bottom of the screen. On desktop, click the Menu icon in the top left corner, click Your Places, then Saved.

Find the list that includes the place you want to delete, then select More (represented by the three-dot icon) and choose Edit list. Lastly, find the place you want to delete and click the X icon to Remove.

How do I move the parking location on Google Maps?

Tap the search bar to find your parking location. Underneath, where it says You parked here, tap Change location and place the icon where you are currently parked.

How do I save a route on Google Maps?

If there’s a particular route you’ll often be traveling, you can save it. Set the directions to your destination, then tap Pin on the bottom right bar. This will save the route within the Go tab on Google Maps. You can also download routes for offline directions.

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