This Acura Legend Coupe With BMW E46 Front And E60 Rear Lights Actually Looks Nice

While you may have seen some cool Acura Legends over the years, we’re willing to bet that you haven’t seen one that looks quite like this.

Images of this unique Legend were recently shared to social media after it was spotted on the streets of Japan. Making it stand out from all other Acura models is the fact that it sports a host of parts from different BMW models.

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Looking at the car from the front, you will notice that it is rocking a set of headlights lifted straight from an E46-generation BMW 3-Series. The small front grille has also been tweaked while a new bumper complements the BMW headlights quite nicely.

The modifications continue across the rear where there are taillights from an E60-series 5-Series. Looking at a standard Legend, you would never think that 5-Series taillights would suit it but we think they work quite well with the Coupe, in particular its flared wheel arches. One thing we’re not so fond of is the rear bumper that is oddly shaped and features two small, centrally-mounted tailpipes.

We have no idea what motivated the owner of this Legend to make such unconventional modifications to the sleek two-door but they should be applauded for thinking outside the box. Plus, the execution seems to be very nice indeed.

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Image credits jose3030 @ Twitter & bodywork-k

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