The Rivian R1T Has Eight Driving Modes For Any Situation

The Rivian R1T Has Eight Driving Modes For Any Situation

The Rivian R1T hasn’t been on the market for long but has already proven itself as not only an excellent electric pickup truck but an excellent truck in general.

Eager to show some of what the R1T is capable of, Rivian has released a video showcasing the eight available drive modes. These consist of All-Purpose, Conserve, Sport, Off-Road Auto, Off-Road Drift, Off-Road Rally, Off-Road Rock Crawl, and Towing.

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The majority of R1T owners will probably spend most of their time driving around in All-Purpose mode. This sets the truck’s ride height to the standard 11.9 inches and aims to offer a soft road and standard brake regeneration, and lowers to 10.5 inches at highway speeds. Then there is Conserve, which, as the name implies, aims to maximize efficiency and does this by prioritizing the front motors, lowering the ride height to 9.9 inches and increasing brake regeneration.

At the other end of the spectrum is the Sport mode. This setting drops the ride height, minimizes stability control intervention, and allows drivers to powerslide the truck around corners.

Four off-road-biased models are also featured. Off-Road Auto is a good setting for light off-road trails and increases the ride height to 13.5 inches but can jump to 15.4 inches as part of the ‘Max’ option. Off-Road Drift is focused towards loose surfaces and adjusts the height between the standard (11.9 inches) and high (13.5 inches) settings while biasing power at the rear wheels. The ride is also stiffened up and the regenerative braking is set to high. Off-Road Rally can also be driven in standard and high suspension settings and reduces the stability control intervention. Last, but not least, is Rock Crawl which starts in the 13.5-inch ride height setting but can increase to 15.4 inches and has been designed for maximum wheel and suspension articulation.

The final mode is Towing which is activated automatically when a trailer is hitched to the R1T.

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