Ford Mustang Slams Into Curb And Crowd While Drifting At U.S. Car Meet

Ford Mustang Slams Into Curb And Crowd While Drifting At U.S. Car Meet

The calendar has only just ticked over to February and already a Ford Mustang has crashed into a crowd during a car meet in the U.S.

This accident comes just a week after a black Mustang GT crashed into a crowd during a gathering at a Lamborghini dealership in Sarasota, Florida. It’s unclear where exactly in the U.S. this video was filmed but it shows what can go wrong if you don’t have the skills required to handle the power of a car like a Mustang.

During the clip, the beanie-wearing driver of the Ford can be seen performing a donut in front of spectators at the event. However, the driver is unable to properly control the slide and drifts wide, slamming directly into a curb. The force of the impact is enough to trigger the car’s airbags and sends it bouncing onto a grass embankment.

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The video was shared on Reddit and according to the guy who posted it, the Mustang ended up hitting three spectators. Fortunately, the muscle car didn’t actually run any of those individuals over and they escaped serious injury, only sustaining “some scrapes and bruises.”

It is understood that the driver of the Mustang was indeed the owner and had spent quite a lot of money upgrading it. Curiously, he apparently ripped off the license plates shortly after the crash, evidently in a panic (or embarrassed?) about what had just happened.

Given how hard the Ford it the curb, it seems very likely it suffered extensive wheel, suspension and possibly even frame damage.

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