Google TV could soon bring homescreen upgrades for kids and adults alike

Google Chromecast with Google TV remote in hand

David Imel / Android Authority


  • Google TV is seemingly working on new homescreen features for adults and kids.
  • An APK teardown uncovered evidence of a new “Restricted Mode,” a kids’ profile watchlist, and more.

According to new uncovered details, Google TV could welcome a few additional changes to its homescreen. According to 9to5Google‘s APK teardown of the Google TV launcher version 1.0.4233, there’s evidence of three new features in the works.

The first is a “Restricted Mode,” which would “restrict out instant-playback content with mature themes,” according to the string found in Google TV’s launcher app. Notably, this mode would only affect free content, presumably trailers, and ad-backed movies and shows.

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Alongside this, the teardown also discovered a new watchlist for kids that would bring a feature present on standard profiles to the walled profile. The strings suggest users could add/remove content from the watchlist, but it’s unclear how Google would implement this feature, whether kids would be able to manage this list, or if it’ll be accessible only by adults on the platform.

Finally, there’s more evidence suggesting that “Google TV Channels” are incoming. There’s little to no evidence about what this feature could be, but it could be related to Google’s free content plans announced in September last year.

Notably, APK teardowns aren’t surefire ways of predicting new features. Google may never implement any of these hidden additions. However, the evidence does suggest that the company is considering improving Google TV for parents and kids.

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